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Head Chef

Cherag Baria

Growning up in a Zoroastrian family Head Chef Cherag Baria’s life has always been full of flavorsome hearty food with strong textures and colors, while mentioning his mums flavors and influence in all his cooking. In amongst all good things that attracted Cherag to Australia, falling in love with creating food and his ambition to reach his career goal in Sydney came foremost on his check list.

Cherag comes with a package of a Bachelor’s degree in hospitality which gives him a wider understanding of all the possible links attached in running a full fledge restaurant kitchen as well as making sure that all guests have an enjoyable experience from the time they step in till they leave the premises. Cherag is a businessman in his approach towards food and a passionate chef all in one, which gives him a strong edge. His idea of food stems with the notion of using seasonal vegetables and herbs that he tries growing himself on the grounds of The Distillery Woodfire Restaurant. Cherag insists on using finest cuts of meats in a way that gives the diner the maximum bang for their buck and flavor combinations that they have never experienced before. His process of coming up with a finished dish on the menu is very unique, he is constantly experimenting with flavors and ideas that he thinks will give him and the customer something to smile about and remember even after they leave the restaurant.

For Cherag, seasonality is the key ingredient in achieving a flavorsome and balanced menu. As such, his modern contemporary menus are inspired by his passion for sourcing the finest seasonal produce available along with his Persian influence. Cherag plans his menus from the ground up a season ahead, a way of working which has strengthened his appreciation of the seasons. Cherag emphasizes on preparing and cooking his food on a daily basis so the patrons can experience the freshest and finest taste of each and every ingredient. Cherag continues to refine his food all the time, bringing new and exciting dining experiences to the table, with picture perfect dishes that celebrate ingredients and simplicity. His attention, care and eye for detail is evident on each of his dish and the way it’s presented.

Cherag believes that his food is all about evolving constantly and so is his creativity in terms of him being a perfectionist. Cherag has always worked in Sydney city area and coming out in the west and taking up the reigns at The Distillery Woodfire Restaurant has inspired him to give the people of the west a restaurant they can be proud of and not have them travel to the city and beyond to experience fine food in a setting which he says is absolutely perfect to nurture his ideas and imagination. Cherag is committed to making the people of the west experience food far surpassing the pubs, clubs and fast food chains.

Cherag Baria Head Chef The Distillery Minchinbury